Blog Content, Editing &
Editorial Management

Grow your brand's influence and increase your bottom line without spending hours trying to proof, edit and/or write your own blog content.


Fresh Content/Editorial Management

Fresh Scribes is a boutique content creation agency for service providers, e-commerce business owners and other small business owners who are looking to grow their brand and presence, but simply can't do it all.

By handling the writing of your blog posts, Fresh Scribes can help;

  • strategize your content calendar with you to compliment your product and/or service launches
  • write original blog articles saving you hours
  • format your articles in your web platform (WordPress, Squarespace, etc.)
  • optimize your content with researched keywords to increase your SEO

Ready to save hours each week researching, writing, prepping and formatting your company's blog content?

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Focus on crafting great content, we've got your proofreading and editing covered. Proofreading and editing services include:

  • blog post & e-book proofreading & editing to assure you are typo free, and sound like a pro
  • fast 3-day turnaround for single articles
  • blog post formatting in your WordPress or Squarespace dashboard with internal links and affiliate links added at your request

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